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During the month of April, the Progress Gallery featured an art exhibit called “Impressive Women,” which portrayed work created by ten Southern California “woman print makers.

“Part of the enchantment of printmaking has to do with the notion of magic. This phenomenon encompasses curiosity, wonder and discovery with the fact that you do not know exactly what you will end up with until you pull the paper away from the matrix.

The women in this show also approach printmaking with the same notion of magic, curiosity, and wonder. I believe that their work will influence many generations, using symbols that trace the unpredictable voyage toward womanhood using symbols, characters and textures that are linked with change that encompasses: life, death, new directions, waiting, health, sickness, feelings of being in limbo and being uprooted, lack of comfort and the passage of time.”
Featured artists include:

Karen Kauffman, Karen Karlsson, Leslie Brown, Froukje Schaafsma, Lisa Mertins, Ann Bingham-Freemen, Donna Morin, Jan Harvey, Denise Kraemer, and Tammy Greenwood.

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