Redlands News Mirror, April 24, 2009

Local Yucaipa artist, Ann Bingham-Freeman, creates powerful artwork that is impressive and far reaching. Working in response to the “gesture” her art strips away the superficial and reveals the core of the authentic self.

Prolific in a variety of media, her sculpture is now in the Ink and Clay 35 exhibition at Cal Poly Pomona, and her new line of bronze sculptures of animals premiered at the Redlands Mini show.

“I am surrounded by animals, and have a close connection to the earth,” she writes from her property which is home to a variety of animal life including dogs, chickens, and llamas that are as an integral part of her family as her husband, daughters and two feisty grandchildren who round out her household.

“I draw and paint from the nude figure and the world around me. My work is earthy, experimental, always concerned with good draughtsmanship and proper use of materials.” Besides the bronzes, Bingham-Freeman welds wild sculpture concerned with myths and important issues in her life making sure that women are heard as authentic individuals. Creative visualization nurtures the spirit and is the heart of her work.

Collaborating with two renowned Chicago artists, Andrea Harris and Sandie Bacon, their love of the environment and passion for art combined in a new five foot “Cool Globe,” one of 50 painted fiberglass sculptures that illustrate a vital message on solutions to global warming.

The vivid portrayal of the earth’s environment is featured on “Our Reigning Forests: Preserving the Earth’s Ecosystems.”

Bingham-Freeman’s sculptural animals, Bacons’ vivid wildlife and Harris’ mysterious forests together with charts of the forest levels teach about the need to protect these habitats from losing biodiversity and deforestation.

The Cool Globes exhibit premiered in Los Angeles on Earth Day in Exposition Park. This exhibit started in Chicago in the summer of 2007, and has traveled to Washington D.C. Botanical Gardens, San Francisco, and San Diego and will travel in the fall to Houston and London. Smaller exhibits and the “mini globe” exhibit have been featured at the Sundance Film festival, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and the United nations. The message that climate change is occurring and we can make an impact is being heard.

Andrea Harris is an expressionist artist who exhibits widely. Instrumental in the environmental art movement, she is a co-founder of the Global alliance of Artists. Sandra Bacon is a prominent muralist and painter, and a fellow graduate of Johnston College at the University of Redlands.

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